Document Storage and Distribution Software

In the past storage or sharing documents required a significant amount of coordination as well as a huge amount of paper. This meant filing clerks fax machines, and couriers were all frequently used to keep up with documents. When you consider how many trees had to be cut down to make all that paper, the environmental impact was massive.

Document storage and distribution software increases efficiency and productivity at work by removing the manual processes involved in storage and distribution of files and documents. It centralizes documents and permits users to find and access the latest version. This reduces time spent at work and helps businesses meet the requirements of regulatory standards.

The best document management software comes with an array of modern tools to improve collaboration and speed up workflows. Secure storage of files, automatic document synchronization after returning online, and team folders that have the ability to control permissions for various stakeholder groups are all essential. Find a powerful search engine that returns relevant results quickly.

FileHold, DocuWare and Q-Pulse are among the most well-known solutions for managing documents. These solutions offer cloud or on-premise installation options and come with a broad set of features that streamlines document storage and distribution. For instance, FileHold offers a secure and encrypted central repository with strong search capabilities as well as document workflows that allow for reviews and approvals. It also provides a white-labeled portal for clients, automated document routing, and superb control of the version to ensure your clients and colleagues have access to the most recent versions of files.

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